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“Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals aims to provide the best products through quality manufacturing and research through out the globe. In 1994, “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals got its first Export business and within these 10 years it has grown at a very fast pace covering all the major continents. The prime contribution is through our Anti TB range of products for which “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest exporters today. We have been supplying our Anti TB FDC products through the Global TB Drug Facility of WHO to more than 40 countries and our overall exports is catered to more than 70 countries across the globe which include Africa, South America and Russia through joint ventures. We have also initiated our reach in USA by providing Calcium supplements.

"Maneesh" Pharmaceuticals has now expanded its base in USA and South America through acquisition of existing Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing facilities.

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