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Product List :

Smyle Sore Throat Reliever
Gargle & Gulp Mechanism
(100% Vegetarian)
Smyle Sore Throat Reliever is India's only ayurvedic remedy with unique 'Gargle & Gulp' ulp' therapy for relief from Sore Throat & Cough . Smyle Sore Throat Reliever consists of ayurvedic ingredients like Yashtimadhu, Kantakari, Kusta Kulingan, Adulsa, Haridra, Shunthi, Navsagar, Karpoor & Lavang Taila for instant & long lasting relief. 

Pack size available: 100 ml.

Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel
Instant Relief from Mouth Ulcers

Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel is India's No.1 Ayurvedic Mouth Ulcer Gel. Due to its astringent & anti-inflammatory properties, Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel provides instant relief from mouth ulcer pain. It also provides antiseptic & deodorant properties. Key ingredients in Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel are Khadir, Irimed, Tagar, Rasana, Kushtha, Lodhra, Yashtimadhu, Karpoor & Sharkara. Being ayurvedic it is absolutely safe & has no side effects.

  Pack size available: 10 g.

Smyle Sore Throat Drop
Soothes Throat, Freshens Breath

Smyle Throat Drops has a dual action therapy
i.e. it Soothes Throat & Freshens Breath. Its key ingredients Peppermint Ka Satva & Nilgiri Tel gives a soothing effect by reducing throat irritation & at the same time masks off bad breath. It comes in 2 exciting flavours: Menthol-Eucalyptus & Orange.

Pack size available: 200 Throat Drops / jar 

Smyle Nasal Inhaler
With Eucalyptus Action
Smyle Inhaler is the first Nasal Inhaler with Eucalyptus (Nilgiri) action. It is grand mother's remedy scientifically formulated to clear stuffy nose. Smyle Inhaler consists of Pudina Ka Phool, Karpoor, Nilgiri Tel & Wintergreen Oil. Being ayurvedic, Smyle Inhaler has no side effects like rebound congestion. 

Smyle Vapour & Rub
With Eucalyptus Action

Smyle Vapour & Rub is an excellent decongestant for blocked nose & respiratory canal. Also rub, Smyle Vapour & Rub on nose, chest, throat, forehead & back to get 4?way relief from cold, cough, headache and body-ache. Vital ingredients of Smyle Vapour & Rub are Pudinah ka Phool, Karpoor, Ajowan ke Phool, Tarpin ka Tel, Nilgiri Tel & Jatiphal Tel.  It is available in 5g. & 25g. pack-sizes.  

Pack size available: 5 g. / 25 g. 

Smyle Herbal Toothpaste
With Neem and Clove
(100% Vegetarian)

It's a 100% Vegetarian Toothpaste which contains Neem & Clove..? herbs that are scientifically proven & traditionally good for teeth. Smyle Herbal Toothpaste comes with an attractive offer of Buy 1 & Get 1 Free.  It does not contain gelatin or bone ash & is targeted towards the ever-growing vegetarian conscious population.

Pack size available: 100 g. + 100 g. FREE 

Smyle Herbal White Toothpaste
With Neem and Mint
(100% Vegetarian)

Smyle Herbal White Toothpaste contains neem & mint for stronger teeth & fresher breath. It is a Vegetarian Toothpaste and has been positioned at a very affordable price for family pack for today's price conscious buyers.

Pack size available: 190 g. 

Smyle Toothpaste
With Calcium and Mint
(100% Vegetarian)

Smyle Toothpaste contains calcium & mint for strong teeth & healthy gums.

Pack size available: 200 g. 

Smyle Prickly Heat Powder
Cooling Sensation at Hot Price!

Smyle Prickly Heat Powder provides a soothing & cooling effect to the stings caused by prickly heat. It contains Yashad Bhasma, Lohaban Pushpa & Peppermint ka Phool, which helps in giving relief from stinging & itching of skin, dhobi itch & athletes foot too!! Attractively packed and priced at value for money, Smyle Prickly Heat Powder is available in two fragrances ? Regular & Sandal.

Pack size available: 150 g.  

Smyle Freshness Talc
With unique floral fragrance

With its lingering floral fragrance, Smyle Freshness Talc helps you feel fresh. Its enduring floral fragrance keeps body odour away so that you can face each day with confidence.

Pack size available: 100 g.

Smyle Fast-Aid
Wash-proof Medicated Adhesive Plaster

With its firm commitment towards healthcare, Maneesh, highlights its presence the wound management category. Smyle Fast-Aid is a Washproof Medicated Adhesive Plaster.

Available in strip form.

... Today's mother knows best
Product List :

Moisturizing Baby Soap
Mild & Gentle

It has a 3 in 1 mild & gentle formula enriched with the goodness of Coconut Oil, Moisturiser & Chandan. The visible benefits of the baby soap are; it prevents dryness of the baby's skin after bath, keeps the baby's skin soft & supple & adds glow to the baby's tender skin. The baby soap has a special shape to minimize dissolving in water.

Pack size available: 50 g.

Baby Powder
With goodness of Chandan & Tulsi

Baby Smyle Baby Powder the latest offering under Baby Smyle is a high quality product especially formulated for your baby's tender skin. Baby Smyle Baby Powder helps keep your baby's skin soft, smooth & supple.

Pack size available: 100 g. / 200 g.


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